Relay for Life Organizer in Personal Cancer Battle

Hundreds have turned out for the walk organized by one woman back in 2001. Three years ago, Edie Brandt had an idea. She felt it was time for Wakulla County to honor its cancer survivors with an American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and she personally began the project.

"It was very nerve wracking, very scary. I had never taken on anything that big in my entire life. I just felt like the county needed it," says Edie.

Her diligence and perseverance paid off. This year hundreds have either sponsored or come out to walk, but this year the battle got tougher.

Edie was diagnosed with breast cancer. She would have to step down from behind the podium and take her first steps, not as an organizer, but as a cancer survivor.

"In our second year of relay I got diagnosed with cancer. It was a month and a day before our event last year."

Her husband stepped in to take her place as chair, but still finds it hard to fill her shoes.

“She is still there and I still rely on her quite a bit for a lot of the answers that I need, she's still there to help me through it," says husband Dennis.

Helping each other, they've helped hundreds in Wakulla County take their first steps in the fight for life.

Edie says thanks to early detection she didn't have to go through chemo or radiation, giving her a chance to continue helping with the relay for years to come.