House Fire

A roaring fire destroyed a south Tallahassee home Saturday morning. Sheriff deputies say they believe it was started by a person burning trash in their yard.

Billows of smoke poured from the house as firefighters battled the blaze for hours. They launched an aerial attack on the roof, which continued to burn. The residents, who had escaped with their lives, still suffered smoke inhalation. Next door neighbors evacuated, fearing flames would spread.

"It's a tragedy, right in your back yard, poor peoples, I'm glad everybody got out. I'm just glad everybody got out of there," said Matty Washington, a neighbor.

The flames came inches away from Matty Washington's back yard, but firefighters successfully kept it from spreading to neighboring houses, a difficult task since the home was engulfed in flames by the time they arrived. Sheriff deputies called to the scene say it may have been started by a trash burn.

The blaze continued to burn inside the walls and roof of the home, giving firefighters a constant battle to find it and stifle it. As for the family, they were left homeless. The Red Cross came to make sure they had help, as did neighbors who made sure to lend a helping hand and a shoulder.

The house is considered a total loss, and nearby relatives are helping the family get back on their feet.