Do the Right Thing

A United States soldier who served in Iraq is getting a huge thank-you gift, a new edition to his home. About a dozen volunteers in Tallahassee are hammering away this weekend, giving back to a family that gave so much to our nation.

When Michael Plaster returned from Iraq he returned to a torn-up home, one that wouldn't pass code.

“Unfortunately the man who lived here tore down sun room and didn't finish it,” said Michael Plaster, 203 gunner in the U.S. Army.

Michael and these volunteers are tackling the job, it's called the “Do the Right” thing project, where agencies adopt a guard family to help when their loved one is called to duty.

“We hoped to have had this done before he returned, but we didn't so we're doing it now,” Phil Speake, AUSA Chapter President.

When Michael deployed a year ago, he left behind a wife, three kids, and an unborn child. While away his family faced hardship back home- the whole family was in a car accident, their van had rolled off the road. ”

I got news in Germany; my grandma died two days before that. I was like I cannot get home fast enough,” added Plaster.

When he did get home, his wife and children were safe, but the house needed help. This team of buddies and volunteers are making sure Michael and his family has a big enough home full of big thanks for the sacrifices he made for his country.

In order to qualify for a loan, the Plasters needed to increase the square footage on their home. The Association of the United States Army headed the project along with General Dynamics in Tallahassee.