Huddle House Robbery

An early morning robbery has two restaurant employees shaken up and their boss wanting answers. The burglary happened at the Huddle House in Valdosta.

Authorities say they have one of the men involved in the burglary, but the other man is still on the loose. Around 3 a.m. Monday morning a man walked into the Huddle House on St. Augustine Road demanding money from one of the waitresses.

Just moments later another man walked in also wanting money. What happened next have authorities asking question.

When the second suspect entered the business the white male fled the business and the black male chased after him, then the employees said they heard a gun shot blast and shortly after that the black male went back in the business and demanded the money.

The white male that fled the scene was captured by authorities and after further investigation the police are not charging him with burglary at this time. While one person fled, the other person grabbed a to go bag put the money inside stole a car and fled from the scene.

Authorities have not found the second man, described as a black male in his 20s. This burglary is making some local business owners think twice about their security systems

"Were going to tighten security around here. We are going to ask law enforcement to stop by here more often," says Pat Walker, Huddle House manager.

And with these steps, Walker hopes to keep the business going and the money flowing. Walker doesn't think this will affect business, but she hopes they catch the man who did this.

Police are not releasing much information, so at this time we do not know how much money was stolen, or if the men were working together. We will have to wait to find out more as time goes on.