Early Voting

Voters in the Peach State don't have to wait until next Tuesday to cast their ballots in the presidential primary because Georgia has implemented an early voting program, and many like the idea of casting their choices early.

State lawmakers felt having just one day to vote was hampering turnout, so they came up with an early voting program, and it’s in place for the first time.

Election supervisors around Georgia say voters now have plenty of time to vote. They have the entire week before a scheduled election to head to the polls.

"Anyone can vote who would like to vote early. They can come by, they don't have to have any excuse like we used to have for absentee ballots," says Raymond Burkett, election worker.

Voting officials say taking advantage of the early voting process is quick and easy. All you have to do is walk in, get your voter access card, walk over to the machine and cast your ballot, all without having to wait in a line, like election day.

Voters say they like having more time to vote and think it will help improve turnout.

"Just limiting it to one day, people are out of town, they don't get an absentee ballot in time to vote, they just brush it aside. I think it’s very important that people come out and vote," says voter Anise Willis.

Voting supervisors say thanks to the early voting program, there's no reason for Georgia to have low turnout.

"It makes it easier on us, and of course we have touch screens this time and that makes it easy for the voter," adds Raymond Burkett.

Anyone who is registered to vote can participate in voting early in Georgia, but the early polls will only be up and running at your county's main election office.