Landfill Improvements

Leon County is trying to find solutions to problems at the landfill following numerous complaints. Tuesday night, county staff will be making recommendations to the commissioners in hopes of addressing the situation.

How will these recommendations, if put into action, affect the public? It depends on how close you live to the to the landfill or when you need to use it. The recommendations involve drop-off times and potentially a new recreational field.

One of the most common complaints about the Leon County landfill is the smell. Leon county staff has a solution they hope will help a great deal.

"Staff is recommending to the Board that we close the drop off point at the Landfill on Sundays," says Jennie Khoen, a Leon County Public Information Officer.

County staff says they are wanting to do this because the transfer station on Gum Road closes at noon Saturday, then trash sits at the land fill all weekend long.

"I would have to help. You can smell it as you drive by especially in the summer. Will it help a lot? I don't know," says Tod Browning, a landfill user.

Another recommendation will be to turn portions of the landfill into multi use fields.

"That sounds like a great idea, but I just hope they don't close the landfill to the public," says Claudia Howell, who uses the landfill.

Leon County officials now have a consultant report that explains the best, most effective way to turn the Landfill into a public park.

"Leon County will have a public meeting to present the report. We want to have public input, and then go from there," says Jennie Khoen.

Meeting will take place at the Wood Run Baptist Church on Apalachee Parkway sometime in mid-March, the date hasn't been set just yet.

Another thing the county is already moving on is more trees for the buffer zones between the landfill and Apalachee Parkway.

If the landfill is closed on Sunday, it will actually save taxpayers money. That's another plus for this recommendation. It takes at least two people to run the drop-off center on Sundays, so over a year that will save county taxpayer money.