Jefferson Elementary Gets Oon Campus Bookstore

Seven-year-old Colby Scarborough is meticulously searching for the perfect book at the newly formed "Paw Print" bookstore. After a few minutes of searching, Colby made his selection.

"I like to read all the pages. I like to read about Harry Potter books and the Chain Boy Secrets," says Colby.

This book store is no longer a well kept secret. For just one dollar the students at Jefferson Elementary School can choose one of 27,000 books, exploring far away places and interesting stories.

"They have a whole bunch of books and you can read different kinds," says Kinisha Fisburn, who loves the new bookstore.

"You need to read books because I think it is important. If you don't read books you will not pass and go to college," adds Shay Dunlap.

These books were purchased from Scholastic Books using grant money and Title One funds. The school's principal hopes the new book store will help these students begin a new chapter in their lives.

Allan Rodemoyer, principal of Jefferson Elementary School, says, "Many of the families here do not have a great deal of things to read so by having these children take these books home they're building a home library, which will eventually help their reading scores and help them in life."

All the money from the sales goes back into the bookstore to purchase more books. The bookstore will be open Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2 p.m.