After School Program Gives Kids High Hopes for FCAT

A new after-school program is helping students move into the 21st century. Little Brittany Barnes likes the new after-school program called 21st Century. For Gadsden County, this program is their hope to lift up test scores and bring some culture to the students who need help the most.

Carla Galvin, site coordinator for the 21st Century program, says, "It's a non-traditional type setting where students get they're help academically through non-traditional ways."

Non-traditional means offering culture, recreation and the arts, but bottom line the basics are priority one. Tamara Moore teaches what for most kids is the hardest subject, math.

"It's a good feeling and I know it's a good feeling for them cause so many times they do struggle with math and just getting one problem for them is just like they won the lottery," says Tamara Moore, a math teacher.

The 21st Century program is funded through a $3.5 million federal grant and is held at five different Gadsden County schools Monday through Thursday.

"It feels really good I've had parents call me to say it would be a great asset if the kids could finish that homework before they got home home because we have a lot of parents here that are not able to help students. So the kids get a little extra help before they go home at night," adds Carla Galvin.

Gadsden County officials are hoping this program will help with FCAT testing in March.