Gas Main Break Stalls Rush Hour Traffic

Haz-Mat crews were called in to help assist in the clean up late Monday afternoon

Motorists traveling through the intersection of Capital Circle Southeast and Apalachee Parkway were almost at a stand still during afternoon rush hour on Monday.

Partly because of bad weather and partly because of a ruptured gas line, which police say released about a million cubic feet of natural gas.

"It's enough that if you were out here you could smell it. So if you can smell it, then you know that there is danger,” comments Sgt. Mark Ormerod of the Tallahassee Police Department.

Construction workers at the scene say their crane accidentally made a cut six inches in diameter into a low-pressure line.

And that was enough for a nearby Shell station employee to be concerned.

"Gas could explode at anytime. You never know, you've got to take safety precautions when things like that happen,” explains Shell employee Katrina Graham.

Officials say this minor main break was fixed within 15 minutes, but with the rain and rush hour traffic, the gas leak couldn't have come at a worst time.

"It's makes a difference because you know that the impending weather is coming in, and of course the time of the day, our main concern is the safety of the people getting home, making sure they get home safely,” adds Sgt. Ormerod.

One of the construction workers says incorrect gas line markings by the city of Tallahassee, caused the workers to miss their target by a few feet, and rupture the line.