"Green Thumb" Lessons

Tuesday, children across the Sunshine State will learn about "green thumbs" and the importance of agriculture to our state.

The grocery store is a typical five-year-old's response to where their food comes from. Most children are quite removed from farm life where food is grown and produced.

The Florida Department of Agriculture is looking to change that this Tuesday when kids all over the state will get a taste of life on the farm.

"It's important for these young people to understand where their food comes from. They go with their mothers and their fathers and they see all this food on the shelf but they really don't understand how it got there and where it comes from," says Charles Bronson of the FL Agriculture Commission.

Tuesday will become Florida's first Agriculture Literacy Day, and teachers say it's a wonderful opportunity because food will hold the kids' attention, while the reading will feed their minds.

"My kindergartners are expected to read by the end of the year and the only way that they're going to learn that is to have quality literature read to them and then have parents and other people in the county help them read," says Kim McKiernan, a kindergarten teacher at Roberts Elementary.

There is also hope that programs like these may get more young people interested in farming. The average age of farmer is now close to 60 years old.