Watch Program Brings Changes

Neighborhood watch programs are bringing some positive changes to Thomasville, and it's not only the city's residents who are benefiting.

Usually associated with keeping a close eye on violent crime in the community, SGT Duane Treadon of the Thomasville Police Department says local neighborhood watch groups do a lot more than that.

"They also talk about safety issues and quality life issues they not only just meet and discuss them they actually come up with actions plans," says SGT Treadon.

Action plans that have lead to more streetlights and drug patrol in certain neighborhoods, and most recently a four-way stop at the corner of Fletcher and Jones Streets, after complaints rolled in to police about folks speeding through the intersection.

"I would suggest that every area in Thomasville or any other area as far as that goes, if they had neighborhood watch and would really work with people as neighbors should, you would see crime drop," says John Faircloth, a Thomasville resident.

Officer Treadon says these groups are not only crime deterrents, but also a step toward neighborhood revitalization efforts, and a valuable resource to law enforcement officers.

"Through neighborhood watch is where we get a lot of information of where we need to put officers and where we need to put extra emphasis and patrols in," Treadon says.

All together a win-win partnership looking out for the community.

There are 12 active neighborhood watch groups in Thomasville, but all residents are urged to report suspicious activity to police immediately.