Thomasville Authorities Investigate Assault and Kidnapping

Police are asking for your help locating a man they say beat another man with a baseball bat and then drove off with a young woman from inside the house.

Police say the missing woman, Jennifer Cruz and the suspect, her estranged husband Alberto are nowhere to be found, and the man that was beaten is in critical condition at Archbold Hospital.

Shocking…scary…a nightmare. These are some of the words neighbors are using to describe what happened early Monday morning at 358 Baytree Drive in Thomasville, a brutal beating and alleged kidnapping.

"I've lived here six years, and this is one of the first times I've known something like this to happen here, certainly no time in the past several years anyway," says Phillip Bryant, a neighbor.

Around 6:30 Monday morning police were called to find a man badly beaten by a baseball bat on the front porch. Nineteen-year-old Jennifer Cruz, who was living in the home, is missing, and police suspect her ex-husband, 34-year-old Alberto Cruz, of kidnapping her and assaulting her visitor.

Police believe Alberto Cruz fled with Jennifer Cruz in his white Ford F-150 pickup. They describe it as an older model truck he used for work. Neighbors say they saw the truck parked here in front of the house Sunday night.

"It seemed to have, if I remember correctly, a utility rack on the back of it. It may have been a crew cab, maybe, but it was a late 70's, maybe early 80's," says Kevin Harrison, who lives across the street.

Unfortunately, police say no one saw which direction Alberto Cruz headed, leaving behind a frightened community, and a beating victim in critical condition at Archbold Hospital.

Police don't know what the male victim's relationship was to Jennifer Cruz or who else was living in the house at the time of the beating. They're also not sure where Alberto Cruz lives.

Anyone who knows anything, no matter how small it may seem, is asked to call the Thomasville Police Department at 229-227-7075.