Rehab Program

A rehab program in Lowndes County has prisoners working a 9 to 5. It's a program to help keep prisoners out of jail.

Some prisoners dream of erasing their past and applying for a job with a clean slate. It's a win-win situation for the taxpayers and the Sheriff’s Department. The rehabilitation program in Lowndes County is helping prisoners get a job and keep it.

"They sign a contract with us and in that contract their salary goes to pay of their fines the percentage goes to family and child support," says Ashley Paulk, Lowndes Sheriff.

Not only does the program help prisoners stay out of trouble, but it helps taxpayers save money.

"They are going to be paying us $10 a day to take them to work and take their lunch. It does not sound like a lot of money but you know you figure $400 a day in the program that adds to $2,000 a week and one hundred thousand dollars a year.

The rehabilitation program has been going on for more than six months now and has an eighty percent success rate, and although some companies refused to talk with us the sheriff says it’s a program that will continue on.

"We try to find an indoor job industrial working with Rablo and Bath Craft in the industrial park which is close and convenient to us. We're just about less than one mile a way."

It's a close drive to help keep crime on the curb. The program started six months ago with 36 inmates and 34 inmates are still on the job.