Workers Say City to Blame for Rush Hour Gas Main Break

Tuesday it was still unclear who was at fault the workers or the city of Tallahassee? The construction workers we spoke with when the incident occurred, say the city of Tallahassee had incorrect gas line markings.

Meanwhile, the city says that's just not true. Monday evening, while working on a capital circle widening project, workers with M. Incorporated say they accidentally ruptured a small gas line at Capital Circle SE and Apalachee Parkway, releasing natural gas vapors and causing a minor evacuation.

Some workers say mismarkings by the city of Tallahassee are to blame for the line hit, but the city says their markings were accurate.

"There are gonna be times when lines are missed and they may be missed for a number of reasons, but our records don't indicate there's a problem with location, we have a very accurate location record,” says Cynthia Barber, City of Tallahassee Utilities.

While the city is still unsure why the target was missed they say its best that at construction sites, workers dig in small portions or "pothole." before using the crane.

"The contractor is asked to pothole, where the marks are to make sure, that the marks are within the two-feet tolerance mark area, before they put a bucket from a Bacco in the ground to dig," says John Pellino, City of Tallahassee Utilities.

Electrical line and phones are often cut during construction. Al Johnson with Sprint Phone Company says, a cut phone line means unsatisfied customers.

"Major cable cuts happen, maybe once every month, but, also even those little smaller cables that are cut, you have to realize, service is still being interrupted through those customers," says Al.

Cynthia Barber with the city says gas line breaks like the one on Monday don't happen very often. Right now it's still under investigation, and she says it's not unusual for these types of incidents to end up in court.