Storm Damage in Wakulla County

A torrential downpour combined with fierce winds has blown through Wakulla County, causing serious damage to homes and businesses.

The National Weather Service is trying to determine if waterspouts formed over the bay, adding to the problem. It really looked like a tornado blew through town. For many folks the roaring thunderstorms were an early morning wake-up call, one that was impossible to sleep through.

For these Minnesota residents, vacationing along the Gulf Coast was supposed to be a relaxing break from the snow. Little did they know storms were brewing.

“All the sudden it was like whoosh, someone said the motor home moved- it was lifted off the ground,” says Marlene Athmann, a Minnesota resident.

So did several RVs parked at the holiday campground where campers were given a rude awakening.

“We have a lot of new visitors. I told them we'd make memories for them I think we did that today,” says Jasmine McMillan, who runs the holiday campground.

Jesse Weber says he'll never forget getting stuck in the storm with his puppy sport. His frantic mother later found the two huddled beneath the Ochlocknee Bay Bridge, the blast of wind and rain lasted only minutes, but the cleanup could take weeks.

The worst damage is here, but it was a false roof. The original is intact, saving the interior from being flooded out, and it's not over yet. Officials say keep your eye on the sky. There are more storms to come.

Eyewitness News also received reports of tornados in parts of Sopchoppy, but the National Weather Service can't confirm that right now. Sheriff's officials say luckily no one was injured in Tuesday’s storms.