Campaign 2004

Fifteen states are gearing up for what's known as the Super Tuesday Presidential Primary on March 2. Georgians will play a role in who wins, and both John Kerry and John Edwards are campaigning heavily there, but Edwards’ camp is already looking ahead to Florida on March 9.

Georgia is George Bush country; it took 55 percent of the vote in 2000. His support remains strong here, but there are cracks. Joy Washburn is a registered nurse who voted for bush last time, but who now has her doubts. She has ruled Kerry out, but showed up at an Edwards rally to see what he is all about.

It is voters like Washburn that John Edwards says make him the best choice for Georgians on March 2. At an Albany rally he drew cheers when he argued it was time to acknowledge the south's racist past and put it all behind once and for all.

"That responsibility is to lead not follow, to show the rest of the country what we really believe, what we are made of," said John Edwards.

Afterwards, a confident Edwards told us he was already looking past Super Tuesday to Florida.

"I expect us to make additional progress on March the 2nd and March the 9th, a very strong primary day for us. Florida is a critical primary," Edwards adds.

And while many of the democrats who came to hear Edwards aren't sure who they will vote for on March 2, they do appear united on one thing, so the task for Edwards is convincing people he can win in the end.

In addition to Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas will hold primaries on March 9.