City of Thomasville Working Toward Downtown Parking Improvements

This is good news for folks who say finding a space has left them driving in circles. Folks say while they like to see downtown Thomasville flourishing. This has made it harder for customers to get to their destination.

"If you don't come before the stores open it'll be hard to find a parking space, like for lunch or something like that, you always have to plan to come ahead of time," says Delores Krier, Thomasville resident.

"The truth is there's plenty of places to park downtown, we are trying to make our public parking lots more accessible," says Sharlene Celaya, Mainstreet director.

Thomasville's city planner says what folks may lack at times is the luxury of being able to pull up right in front of a business. However, a resource development team has recommended the city come up with ways to create more parking through management.

The city wants to preserve parking by making downtown more pedestrian and bicycle friendly and also require downtown employees not park in public spaces. City officials say the goal is to be able to accommodate future development. Eventually they may even have to consider a parking garage.

"Safety is a point to me if they are thinking about parking garages it's much better if they can find some lots that aren't being used commercially," says Dolores.

Folks can rest assured the city is working to make downtown a more convenient place to visit. The city has also applied for a federal grant to add 73 new downtown parking spaces.

Those new spaces will be near the courthouse, adjacent to the big oak, and surrounding First Baptist Church.