New Computer System in Place at Archbold Hospital

The new "PAC" system computerizes prints from the hospital's radiology department so they can be studied straight from the computer screen.

For decades, studying X-Rays and CT scans has been a time consuming process for radiologists at Archbold Hospital until now.

Archbold's new "Picture Archival and Communication” system, or "PAC", was introduced in early February to be a more accessible, visible and organized method of keeping track of X-Rays, MRI and CT scans.

Doctors here hope that eventually they'll be able to post information from the PAC system over Secure Remote on the Internet, so doctors from anywhere in the Archbold system will be able to access it from any computer."

"They won't have to deal with getting their old films, making sure their old films are available for the doctors, which is always something we have a problem with, is getting the old films," says John Carico, a radiologist at Archbold Hospital.

Technologists say PAC's accessibility makes their job easier as well.

"Now I have time to do something else instead of finding a study for a doctor and sending it to him, because it automatically sends it to him," says Betty Emmanuel Jones, a CT technologist at Archbold Hospital.

Doctors say they hope this time-saver will make a difference when it comes to diagnosing, and treating their patients. Doctors and nurses have been practicing with the PAC system for several months. It was officially put into use in early February.