Drug Bust

Police officials in Quincy made one of the biggest drug busts in the city's history. After more than three months of investigation, officials confiscated a hefty amount of drugs and cash.

Some Quincy residents say they were aware of drugs in their neighborhood for some time now, they just couldn't pinpoint a source. Officials say a confidential informant came forward with a tip that got the ball rolling.

Close to $14,000 in cash along with weapons and 14 pounds of marijuana with a street value of nearly $15,000 was seized Monday morning when Quincy police officials raided the home 32-year-old Nicholas Bryant.

"It gives us hope that we're taking some off the street, but it's discouraging to know that this type of activity is going on, and this is not all of it. This is just a drop in the bucket,” said MAJ Glynn Beach of the Quincy Police Department.

"This is a small piece of the pie. There's a lot more to be done and we're working diligently to take care of our community," added Marcus Dixon of the Quincy Police Department.

Officials say the raid was done at Bryant's home at 815 McGee Street, located directly across from two day care centers.

"We was out there and we saw the police, but we decided to come back in because we know something was going on,” said Martha Anderson, owner of Kids First Care Center.

Martha Anderson has owned and operated the Kids First Care Center for seven years and was not aware of drugs in the area. When told of Bryant's arrest, Anderson was relieved, but also disappointed.

"I'm disappointed in the Quincy Police Department. I think the day care owners should have been notified of drugs in the community. I think we should have been notified," said Martha.

Officials say Bryant's charges include possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis, or marijuana.

Bryant was released Tuesday from the Gadsden County Jail on $25,000 bond. Bryant plead guilty to a drug possession charge in 1996. MAJ Beach also mentioned that Bryant actually has a four-year degree from Florida State in the area of social work.