In Search of the Perfect Job

There is good news on the job front; employment experts say the job market will be in great shape for those students graduating this spring, and that's definitely music to job searcher's ears.

Optimism continues to grow as more employment opportunities open up. Employers lined up by the dozens on Tuesday, trying to find soon-to-be college graduates to help fill their needs.

Valdosta State University students say they are excited to see so many opportunities coming available.

"Before I came to the career fair, I was thinking I wasn't going to find a job, but actually coming here today, and the companies that are here, it seems like I have more opportunities," says Stephanie Smith, who will be graduating this semester.

"Looking at some of these companies online, trying to see what's out there, but when you look online there aren't any jobs posted, but when you come to a career fair, I see there are opportunities and that companies are looking for college graduates," adds Eboni Stewart, who is confident in finding a job.

Career development experts say more job are opening, but students need to start their job searches well before graduation in order to land that perfect job.

"Whether the economy is good or bad, we encourage them to get started early with their job search at least two semesters from graduation. Be flexible, many college students can have more opportunities if they are willing to move," says Kevin Taylor, a VSU career development expert.

Many of these students say they are willing to make the move as long as it’s for the career of their dreams. Employment recruiters say many new job opportunities will be available as early as this summer and are now trying to find enough well trained applicants to fill those positions.