Arts for Children

Local organizers want to help bridge the gap between arts education and children by bringing it to the classroom.. The program was started by a group of city and county commissioners, and it's called "Arts for all Children." Now, it has gotten the attention of local organizations that say it's one project school districts can't do alone.

School Board officials say in tough budget times education is always in danger of being cut, especially the arts, depriving this generation of the creative exposure.

"It seems as though the arts is an easy target, we in this community have said this will not happen here," says Superintendent Bill Montford.

That's the inspiration behind Leon County's cultural plan to get more art and music programs in public schools, and representatives from Southwood announced upcoming fundraising efforts to help make that happen.

"We have stepped up as a company to try to put together the first of what we hope is a continuing series of opportunities to raise money for this position," says Timothy Edmond, president of Arvida's Capital Region.

"Even if they never have arts in their life, they will be using what they learn to problem solve because basically the arts are about problem solving in a creative and imaginative way," adds Jane Alexander of the National Endowment of Arts.

Officials say this effort is a call to the entire business community to join in and help embrace culture education in the society.