Mock DUI Wreck at Chiles High School

You may recognize this scenario: a drunk driver goes through a series of tests as paramedics rush to help injured passengers.

It was a dramatization seen by hundreds at Chiles High School Tuesday, just days before seniors head to the beach for a week of fun in the sun.

“That's what these proms and spring breaks are supposed to be, a good time. It's not to come home and tell mom your best friend got killed because you were driving crazy,” says Sheriff Larry Campbell of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Reckless driving and not wearing seat belts have contributed to many of the fatalities at Chiles High School. In fact, the school has lost a student every year since its opening.

“Nikki Meyers transferred to Chiles from Lincoln and was tragically killed in a car accident,” says Tammy Cone, a Chiles High School staff member.

By revisiting memories and re-enacting tragic accidents, school officials hope these students realize the dangers on the road.

“It made me think about spring break and I'm definitely gonna be safer than I usually am,” says Jason Mann, a senior at Chiles High School.

“I'll be more cautious, more alert, I won't drink and drive,” adds Ray Hinojosa, another senior at Chiles.

Principal Alan Cox says, “I refer to it as a mountaintop experience. It will be powerful today then it loses its effect, but for these guys, one time’s enough to drive home the message.”

All Leon County high schools are on spring break next week. LCSO and other law enforcement agencies will again be stepping up patrols to ensure Florida's roads are safe.