Local Students Share Personal Memories of Last Week's Madrid Bombings

Tuesday we sat down with a FAMU and FSU student who were staying just blocks away from the deadly attack.

For soccer buddies Katie Trescott and Shayla Shell, a trip to Madrid, Spain was the perfect college spring break.

“I've been dreaming about going to Madrid for I don't know how long and to get to watch real Madrid, that's like the dream team of soccer, to see them play was mind blowing,” says Katie.

But the day after that mind-blowing match, a mind shattering experience took over. Madrid's train system was bombed by terrorists. The latest count, more than 200 dead, and it happened just down the street from where the young women were staying.

FAMU sophomore Shayla Shell says they decided to lay low, not knowing how locals would react to Americans.

“I didn't know if another terrorist attack was planned, tried to grasp what happened and I still haven't grasped it, just being home two days I'm still processing what happened,” says Shayla.

The college students say the event took them straight back to September 11th. They say the biggest change they've noticed so far is a greater appreciation for family and being home.