FAMU Student Shot on Campus

A Florida A&M University student is in stable condition after being shot on campus Tuesday night. FAMU students say if the area was better lit, then maybe this incident wouldn't have occurred.

FAMU police officials tell us the freshman student was shot around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night near the Gaither Gymnasium and that he may have been victim of a robbery.

Students at FAMU say they still can't believe one of their own was shot on campus.

"We heard a loud noise, and it didn't sound like a gunshot to me. I say about 20 minutes later, somebody was like 'somebody was shot'. It didn't sound like a gun," says Wescina Lowe.

“You never know, what's gonna’ happen from day to day, but definitely, you don't think something like that would happen here," adds Iyinka Williams.

FAMU police officials say the freshman student was shot in this walkway, an area students say is nearly pitch black at night.

"And it’s on just that one light?"

"Yea, it's just that one light at the end, so you run your own risk of running through there at night time," says James Nichols.

"Where that occurred, there's construction going on, and therefore lighting is not as good as it normally would have been, had not their construction," says Chief Calvin Ross.

As a result of the shooting, Chief Ross says more light will be added starting Wednesday to improve the safety of the area, but he says students should continue to be cautious when out at night.

"Walking alone at night, it's just an invitation to a possible danger. Not only walking alone, but walking with someone else in dark locations, places where they need to be a little bit more careful," says Chief Ross.

And again, at last report the shooting victim is in stable condition at TMH. Officials don’t have any possible suspects, but they do have this description.

They're looking for a black male, around 5'6” - 5'7”, he has a medium build and a light complexion and he has facial hair with a goatee. Also, he may have been wearing a knit hat with dread locks .Right now, officials cannot confirm if the shooter was a student.

If you have any information on the shooting, you're urged to call the FAMU Police Department at 599-3256.