Kidnapping Victim Recovered; Kidnapper Still at Large

Police are focusing on finding the man who abducted her and beat another man at her home with a tire iron.

A small sense of relief has come over residents of the Baytree Estates after 19-year-old Jennifer Cruz returned home relatively unharmed Monday night, but neighbors feel unsettled that her ex-husband and kidnapper, Alberto Cruz, is still on the loose.

"This neighborhood is not supposed to be like this. It's always been a good neighborhood and now that something like this has happened. It's scary!" says Pamela Poppell, a neighbor.

Police say Alberto Cruz beat a visitor at his ex-wife's home with a tire iron Monday morning, then assaulted and abducted Jennifer and held her captive at his home in Quincy, Florida.

Police say he then moved her to Havana, Florida and finally dropped her off in Calvary, Georgia. Around 8:00 p.m. Monday night, a friend brought Jennifer to Archbold Hospital for her injuries.

"The victim is being very cooperative, she's working with detectives. Our main focus right now is locating the suspect," says LT Mark Scott of the Thomasville Police Department.

Earlier Tuesday, a woman spotted outside Jennifer Cruz's home headed back inside when she saw a WCTV crew. Minutes later, no one answered the door. Neighbors say until Alberto Cruz is brought to justice, they too will keep their doors locked.

"If we've got strangers out here that we don't know anything about, that's putting our children in danger,” says neighbor Donna Carter.

Police don't know where Alberto Cruz could be headed. He's believed to be driving an early model Ford utility pickup. He's wanted for aggravated battery, burglary and kidnapping.

If you have any information regarding this case, call the Thomasville Police Department at 229-227-7075.