The Passion Of The Christ

The movie "The Passion Of The Christ" opened Wednesday in theaters nationwide. In Tallahassee most evening shows are already sold out.

The first showing in Tallahassee was at noon Wednesday with a steady stream of moviegoers anxious to see for themselves the movie which has created so much controversy.

Folks lined up early for the 12:15 showing of The Passion, some taking time off work, some bringing their children to see Mel Gibson’s movie about Jesus Christ's final hours.

"It's just portraying what he done for us and I want my kids to see it," said Carroll Owen.

Johnny Walker adds, "I think this movie will really give me a good feeling about what it was like in the last few hours of Jesus' life and how much it really means to me."

"Really, it's a spiritual marker in my life. I hope I'm never the same after I see it," said Lee and Amy Howell

Most of the moviegoers we spoke to expected to be spiritually moved and some forever changed by this film. The graphic depiction of Jesus' condemnation and crucifixion has raised concerns about its suitability for children and its depiction of Jews. That controversy may only fuel ticket sales further.

When the first showing of The Passion ended early Wednesday afternoon there were puffy eyes, solemn faces and prayers in the lobby.

Tiffany Poppell said, “We were the last ones leaving and I just sat there for a while. I couldn't move."

Rocky Russell added, "It's amazing. This is definitely a reminder of how much Jesus loves me."

Lee and Amy Howell: "Wow. Wow. It was great, very good movie."

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