Reliving History Through Antique Cars

We've told you about the many timeless pieces found at Tallahassee's Antique Car Museum. Nestled away in Cairo, Georgia there's another museum full of some very similar hidden treasures and most of these treasures preserve the city's past.

A place where you can get behind the wheel of a 1930 Studebaker or see your reflection in the glossy paint job of a 1971 GTO convertible is certainly an antique car lovers dream, but these collectibles mean a lot more to the city of Cairo. It's part of history.

"Preserving some of our past, preserving some history. The real thrill is seeing someone walk through and recognize something that brings good memories," says Wayne Hadden, owner of Antique Car Museum.

And a sense of nostalgia is an understatement even at first glance. From antique farm equipment used in the fields of Cairo to the museum's newest edition, a 1917 American Le France.

"It's the city of Cairo's first fire truck. We're trying to bring it to the original condition when the city first bought it. We're making all the modifications and taking all the changes off of it and putting it back to original condition making it like new again,” says Neal Davis, restoring Cairo's first fire truck.

Hadden says it's remarkable looking back at what started off as a private collection with only one antique car and now runs the gamete of collectibles. A year ago Wednesday the museum received an award from the Antique Automobile Club of America, the same award the Tallahassee Car Museum got in 1999, also known to museum's like the Smithsonian and the Henry Ford Museum.