Former NFL Player Visits Elementary School

Former NFL player Danny Copeland now makes his home in Meigs, Georgia, but WCTV caught up with him at Northside Elementary in Cairo.

Throughout his life, Danny Copeland has worn many hats, championship football player, local celebrity, and now inspirational speaker for children of all ages.

"Hopefully, they learn to relate to people and communicate better and as much take on principles and values that'll help grow them and promote themselves," says Danny.

Copeland's guest appearance at Northside Elementary in Cairo on Wednesday was in honor of Black History Month, but he was there to teach children of all races that no matter where they come from, nothing should keep them from getting where they want to go.

"He believes that you will become what you want if you keep holding onto your picture," says 5th grader Caleb Corker.

"I learned that never give up, and always try your best no matter how hard you try," adds Chelsie Washington, also a 5th grader.

Copeland says he beat the odds as the self-described "scrawniest kid" at Thomas County Central High School to become a professional football player and if he can do it, any child, no matter what their dream career may be can achieve their dreams.

Copeland lives in Meigs, Georgia with his wife and six children. He is now a certified personal trainer, basketball coach at Bishop Hall and a motivational speaker.