Soaring Utility Rates

Proctor says hundreds of city utility bill customers want to know how their bills have jumped so high. In some cases, customers say their bills have increased 20 to 30 percent. Wednesday, the commissioner held a rally at City Hall.

Wednesday evening Commissioner Proctor thanked the city commissioners for their concern, saying he hopes the problem will be resolved, with an audit.

Commissioner Bill Proctor, Leon County, said, "I'm very excited the Mayor has extended to Leon County the opportunity to pay for this audit. I'm sure the County Commission will relish the opportunity to consider this invitation."

Commissioner from Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, said, "I have to agree, bills have increased. I hope customers know the City of Tallahassee isn't responsible for this. As a matter fact, we've been shopping around for the best prices for our customers."

Commissioner Proctor gave a letter to all city commissioners stating the main concerns and questions that customers have.

Commissioner Proctor is going to ask the county to fund the audit.