FORCE Rally at the Florida Capital

Other groups participated as well, storming the capital by the thousands for the annual Rally in Tally.

Starting from Landis Green on FSU’s campus, college students from across the Sunshine State marched their way to the steps of the capitol, concerned about excessive tuition hikes and budget cuts, revved up by FAMU's Marching 100.

Other education supporters traveled all the way from Martin County to fight for Bright Futures Scholarships and Florida Prepaid College.

“A lot of times those keep students in school, they know they have the ability to go on to higher education. they really depend on scholarships. We cannot renig on that promise,” says Sara Wilcox, Superintendent of Martin County Schools.

Several state lawmakers took the podium as well as the current Miss America about what affects us and what really had students and education supporters pumped up. The turnout was that it felt good to know they all came together for a good cause.

Education organizers estimate around 5,000 advocates participated in the Rally in Tally.