Rose Festival in Thomasville

The Rose Festival, held every April for the past 83 years, is being brought back downtown for all to enjoy.

Spring is blooming in southern Georgia, and so are big plans for Thomasville’s most popular annual tradition, the Rose Festival.

"I'll be 50 soon, and I've been going all my life. I was born in Thomasville," says one local resident.

But this year, the festival is going back to its roots.

The Rose Festival is an 83-year-old tradition. For the past 80 years, the events have been divided up all over the city, so Rose City residents say this is the year to bring it all back together, downtown!

Holly Lybrook, a downtown business owner, says, “Downtown is where it started. It originally came downtown, and I think the downtown merchants and association helped start it."

Sharlene Celaya, Thomasville’s Main Street Director, says, “They have a lovely facility where they've hosted the show for the past few years at the fairgrounds, but the whole point is to make the festival succinct and bring the event to one area so people can walk from one event to another."

Fancy Bergwall is glad to see the festival coming to town. She says, “For people that don't have vehicles, like me, I live in a nice place, but I usually walk everywhere, it's just more convenient. People have busy schedules!"

Festival planners hope this new arrangement will attract more visitors to the downtown area.

With two parades down Broad Street, a rose show on Crawford Street, and many other events planned, they believe the crowds will be attracted to downtown like bees to blossoms.

This year’s Rose Festival begins Thursday, April 22 and goes through Saturday, April 24. For more information, call the Main Street Office at 229-227-7020.