Day Care Liability

Georgia day care centers will soon need to provide liability insurance for children, or inform parents that their children are not covered in the event of an accident.

Gov. Perdue will soon pass a bill forcing all day care providers to have liability insurance in place or inform parents their children aren't covered if they're injured.

The bill known as Juan's Law is in response to an accident at a day care center in 2001 in which a 14-month-old baby fell and suffered brain damage.

"I would advise them if they don't have it to get it because sometimes even little small incidents happen, a scratch or something that a child may need to go to a medical center," says Elizabeth Jenkins of the Tickle Me Pink Day Care.

The current law states that if a child is hurt and the day care does not have liability insurance in place, the parents are left to pay the medical bills.

Some child care providers already have the liability insurance in place and are glad the state lawmakers are stepping in to make children safe and parents happy.

"I recommended as a parent, as a grand parent and a day care provider, I really recommended the parent really look into or really ask that question whenever they go looking for that child care for their children," says Elizabeth.

Jenkins says many day care centers charge extra for registration to pay the liability insurance. It's a move many day care centers are making to keep parents happy and kids safe.

Even if Gov. Perdue doesn't sign the bill into law, it will become law in 45 days.