CRCT Now Has More Importance

The pressure is mounting for some Georgia students. Educators says the upcoming criterion referenced competency test has always been a critical factor for students, as well as the school's average yearly progress, but now this test holds the fate of the city's third graders.

"This will be the first year that their promotion from 3rd to 4th grade is based on a portion of that test, the reading portion," says Cheryl Hay.

Hay says the No Child Left Behind Act inspired this move, as state officials look to meet mandates of academic accountability.

School Board officials say the State Board of Education wants to stop social promotion and make sure these kids are proficient in certain areas before passing on to the next grade. Within the next few years fifth graders and eighth grades will have the same requirement.

The Scott Elementary principal says now more than ever, he has high expectations for teachers to properly prepare the students for the CRCT.

"Teachers are expected on a weekly basis at least once or twice a week to work with students on particular lessons gearing to specifically address students individual needs for the CRCT," says Principal Morris Arrington.

Hay is also strongly encouraging parental involvement by encouraging their children to do their best.

"We don't want to hold anybody back. Our goal is that every child in the third grade will pass this test," says Cheryl Hay.

The CRCT is April 12-21. Now, the Thomasville City School Board is having a voluntary practice test March 6. You can register your child by calling 229-225-2600.

There are other options if the student doesn't pass the CRCT the first time. The student will have to take a summer program and pass the reading portion at the end of that course. Then of course the student will be promoted the following school year.