Gas Prices Rising Again

A shipping accident in Louisiana may put gasoline supplies in short supply in some parts of the Sunshine State over the next couple of days. While gas supplies should be back to normal in a few days, lower prices are nowhere on the horizon.

Gas prices are up again.

"Wholesale prices went up three cents a gallon at this station this morning, but they have yet to translate the higher prices of the pump."

Across the street, the wholesale jump was even more.

In other parts of the state where supplies are crunched because of the delay in shipment from refineries, the price jumped as much as nine cents a gallon overnight. Now, marketers are beginning to think the unthinkable, gas topping two bucks a gallon by summer.

"It's a possibility and it's anybody's guess, I think $35 to $36 a barrel for crude oil is a little inflated even with the OPEC cutback, and If it is two dollars a gallon it will be short lived," says Jim Smith of Florida Petroleum Marketers.

At two bucks plus, the tourism drive market could be hit. The potential has Gov. Jeb Bush watching.

"You know in the long term we need a national energy policy that will help, short term these prices even flow and there's still time for reductions," says Gov. Jeb Bush.

For motorists paying the higher prices, there is a sense of resigned impotence. The attorney general has looked at rising prices in the past, but he has found no criminal activity.