Customer Service at FAMU

Florida A&M University is trying to tackle a problem students say is high on their list when it comes to dealing with employees. Thursday, faculty and staff underwent a daylong training session on customer service.

Many FAMU students agree there is some dissatisfaction in one department. A student survey on customer service shows the top five problems are too many handoffs, common courtesy, poor communication, lack of proper counseling and attitudes.

Thursday employees attended a customer service workshop.

“This is a good reminder to keep me in check but also help remind others to say things in a way that is acceptable,” says employee Saundra Inge, a FAMU employee.

Texas businessman and workshop leader Don Thomas says he's here to motivate.

“At the university or any other place, common courtesy is the key, saying thank you, yes ma'am, no ma'am, doing the little things determines whether people are going to continue to buy a product from you,” says Thomas.

Some FAMU staff say they hope this becomes a yearly workshop as well as a requirement for new employees.