Valdosta Police Officer Involved in Shooting

Ten arrest warrants lead to the arrest of Massy Bernard at the Hardee's restaurant on Ashley Street.

Police say they saw Bernard at the drive thru and took measures to get him into custody.

"Looking at the overall incident do we believe the officer did anything wrong? No. It doesn't look like that, but there is an internal affairs investigation going on. That we always do in shootings," says Brian Childress, spokesman for the Valdosta Police Department.

Police say the shot fired was not intended for Bernard, but to flatten the tire on his car.

"One of the officers opened the rear seat where Massy was at and when he did that the struggle pursued with the police officer," adds Childress.

After the incident, Hardee's employees say he's a customer they'll never forget.

"I saw a police man jump in the back seat so I ran to the back and I was screaming, so I came back to see what was going on and I heard a guns shot and I had the guys money in my hand and everything," says Christina Blair, a Hardee's drive thru employee.

After the arrest officers say they found drugs in Bernard's possession and they're happy no one was hurt and Bernard is off the streets.

The unidentified Valdosta officer will remain on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.