FHP Aggressive Driving Campaign

The department has received numerous complaints from citizens about aggressive drivers, and now they're taking action.

Scarlett Lee says traveling next to an aggressive driver is what caused damage to her brand new Jeep Liberty.

“It's people are ranting and raving, cutting people off and slamming on their brakes every day," says Scarlett.

Through Friday night, the Florida Highway Patrol will be looking for motorists who are speeding, tailgating or doing anything that would make the roadway unsafe for other motorists.

"When people are trying to get someplace quickly, they stop paying attention to what they are doing and they're more concerned with where they're trying to get to," says Trooper Timothy Roufa.

Trooper Timothy Roufa says if you're pulled over for driving aggressively, points will not be deducted from your license, but with an aggressive driving mark on you ticket, you may receive a higher fine in traffic court.

Troopers also say if you're caught driving recklessly, you could be arrested.

“I see a lot of aggressive driving, and it scares me because I'm another motorist, and I don't want to get in a car wreck, so I think it's a good idea," says motorist Stacey Younger.

FHP officials hope motorists drive away with an important lesson.

"While they are driving, they need to be worried about their driving. If they're running late, or whatever else, we'd rather them get there late than not get there at all."

This campaign is going on throughout the state of Florida, and again they say it's not to scare anyone, they're only trying to save lives!