Wish Granted: Part II

Parker Fox and his family just returned from a weeklong, all expense paid trip to Disney, thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation and Give Kids the World.

Rumbling through the African savannah with crocodiles sunning on this side and rhinos wallowing on that, four-year-old Parker Fox is on safari.

"This is really a special time that we can all be together and just laugh and have fun and not have the weight of the world on us," says mother, Kathy.

This little boy has had plenty of adventure in his young life surviving radiation, chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to try to cure him of a deadly blood disorder.

Richard Fox, Parker's father, says, "This is the first family vacation since he's been sick, being able to do something without him having to wear a mask and being quarantined. We're excited."

This family vacation comes courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation. It comes with unlimited park passes, allowing Parker to meet countless cartoon characters and to marvel at the magical, musical “Lion King.”

Welcome to the Fox family's very own villa in Give Kids the World Village. It's a place where a six-foot rabbit tucks you in at night and ice cream is available 24 hours a day. Each splash here is reason to celebrate.

Parker is in remission and the family is hopeful doctors will give him a clean bill of health in May.

His parents aren't sure he's old enough to remember all this, but they intend to remind him of the generosity of Make A Wish and Give Kids the World and of people right here in Tallahassee who donated during recent fundraisers.