Valdosta State Prison Gets Behind City's Compost Site

Valdosta's new free compost site is now open and it will not only save gardeners some money, but save some valuable landfill space as well.

These huge, fresh, new compost piles are now freely available thanks to a partnership between the city of Valdosta and Valdosta State Prison.

The city is chipping in all of the yard clippings they collect, while the prison is donating the unused fruits and vegetables, helping create nutrient-rich compost, perfect for your yard.

Pete Pyrzenski, Valdosta Public Works Director, says, "If someone comes to the site, we'd be glad to help them out if they need assistance. If not, they can bring their own shovels and buckets and help themselves to the mulch."

Project managers say they're hoping to keep the program up and running as long as possible. They say that will happen as long as people are willing to come out with their shovels and scoop up all the compost that they need.

Bert Powell says, "It’s great for us because we don't have to pay for anything, but even better than that, the load this takes off the landfill. I understand it's a 60 percent reduction in the landfill load and that's something you can't buy."

As you can see, people are taking the compost home by the truckloads, and they say they'll keep coming back for more.

"Undoubtedly, as long as this holds out, we'll be here to use it. It’s a great service," adds Powell.

A great service that doesn't cost taxpayers anything extra.

Valdosta's free compost site is located just off of Val-Tech Road, across from Valdosta State Prison.