Veteran's Transportation

Gadsden County commissioners pay to transport veterans to their doctor’s appointments, but officials say the program is getting to be too costly and may become a thing of the past.

Anthony Blair has served in two wars fighting for America's freedom. Now, he's fighting a different battle, keeping a transportation program in tact so that he'll continue to see his doctors in Gainesville.

"It's an out-patient clinic. I'm not able to drive there so the VA transportation mean a lot to me," says Anthony.

Blair is one of more than 30 Gadsden County veterans who've come to rely on the service. County commissioners have allocated $35,000 per year for it, but funds are slowly dwindling

"We have expended a little over $31,000 and we're not halfway there. If we look at the average cost now it could cost 70-80 thousand if we fund it the level of ridership stays where it is at this point," says Arthur Lawson, Assistant County Manager.

Veterans like Blair fears the worse if the program is discontinued. Blair hopes will not become a reality.

Tuesday, county commissioners decided to fund an additional 18,000 to keep the program rolling. Lawson says when that money runs out he'll go back to the board to ask for more funds.