Section 8 Voucher Could Be Cut

Here in Tallahassee, almost 3,000 families are on a waiting list to receive assistance to live in private sector homes. The Housing Authority says if a new federal budget cut proposal is approved, hundreds of those families will be turned away.

Kay Freeman of the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless is walking through what remains of a homeless camp. Freeman says it’s possible more of these camps will start popping up if the new federal budget is approved.

In the budget, the Section 8 voucher program faces billions of dollars in cuts.

"The need is great as it is right now. We certainly cannot afford a cut right now," says Kay.

Section 8 vouchers are meant to help families get a little bit closer to the dream of living in a home or apartment in the private market.

The Tallahassee Housing Authority says if Section 8 is cut by any percentage it could mean more homelessness.

"Some are living in substandard units, some are homeless, others are living in homeless shelters," says Claudette Cromartie of the Tallahassee Housing Authority.

Cynthia Hollis says she's one of almost 3,000 people waiting for Section 8 vouchers.

"I want to live in the private sector. I want to live a little better life than I'm living now," she says.

Currently there are more than 1,800 families receiving Section 8 assistance. The coalition says if the budget is approved, more than 500 of those families won't receive the help they need.

With Section 8 vouchers, people pay one-third of their yearly income toward their homes, and the rest is picked up with the vouchers.