Thomasville to Start Enforcing Dog Laws

The Thomas County Humane Society is working with the city of Thomasville to enforce ordinances that limit the number of dogs allowed to live on private property, claiming the pets are a danger to residents.

Some Thomasville residents say man's best friend can also be a nuisance in their neighborhoods.

"The dogs can bark a lot. Dogs can cause several different problems; you have to worry about them getting out, even if it's in a fenced yard."

Thomas County's Humane Society director says she has gotten dozens of complaints from residents about barking dogs and dogs roaming their neighborhoods.

Now, the Humane Society has asked the city to step in.

"There's a law in the book with the city of Thomasville that states that any resident in the city of Thomasville can only have three adult dogs. We’re trying to get this enforced."

Smith says she's seen homes with up to 12 dogs in their backyards violating the current ordinance. Enforcing the ordinance will allow Animal Control to ticket violators and help eliminate large numbers of dogs in residential areas.

"There's always times when dogs get out. There could be smaller kids in the neighborhood; that's always a concern."

Smith says the Humane Society is not trying to bark up the wrong tree. Only serious complaints will be looked into to ensure residents can safely walk their streets.

Enforcing the codes would require people with more than three dogs to give up their additional pets unless they live in a commercial zone with kennel facilities.