"Stop Rape Week" at FSU

It's a startling fact, but only eight percent of sexual assaults are reported each year. Starting Friday, FSU's Women's Center will host Stop Rape Week.

During the awareness campaign college students will hear from survivors as well as learn how to not become victims.

February 1 was a wake up call for college students in Tallahassee as two separate sexual assaults happened near FSU's campus within 30 minutes of each other.

Friday, FSU's Stop Rape Week begins, and so does the education.

OFC Douglas Boortz of the FSU Police Department, says, “We give them stats, situations, the do's and don'ts, all the things kids take advantage of. They don't understand the things they get themselves into.”

And here's a stat, one in four college women will experience an act of sexual violence.

Nurse Practitioner Alice Laxton says it’s surprising because so few women talk about what happened to them.

“There's just a tendency for women to blame themselves, what if I hadn't had that drink or what if I hadn't done that, well, there's no excuse for rape!” she says.

But she encourages victims to visit FSU Thagard Health Center.

“Our job is to make sure they're ok physically. We're not going to do anything they don't want to do. It is completely confidential. It doesn't go any further than us.”

Stop Rape Week begins Friday. For more information on the awareness events, call 644-6453.