High Tech System Having Problems

Local law enforcement agencies have to rely on a back up communications system after their high tech system started having problems.

The digital communication system that serves police and rescue crews around Lowndes County has been in place for about six months, but some problems arose during a routine maintenance checkup yesterday

"We had some mechanical malfunctions which required us to go to our backup system, that's what's in effect now and is taking place, service is still being rendered to the citizens, 911 is still operational."

Law enforcement agencies and rescue crews around Lowndes county are having to rely on their old "analog" radios, as crews work to repair the $7.4 million digital system, which provides both voice and computer communications.

"I think law enforcement here in Lowndes County was smart in that we kept the old 'VHF' system as a back up system, so there's no reason to panic. If people call 911 or if they need law enforcement services, they're still going to get it."

This communication system has been in place for more than six months, and people who rely on the system say it’s been a great service up until this one incident.

"This is really the only issue we've had concerning that. It’s something of obvious concern to us, but we've been very, very pleased up and to this point and feel like this is just part of the operation and this should be corrected, we hope, over the weekend."

County leaders want to emphasize that this radio communication issue is not effecting law enforcement or rescue service, and if you have an emergency call 911, and you'll still get the same level of service.

Officers are still able to communicate through the old radio system, and they are still able to use the computers in their vehicles, but connecting them to the digital radio system has been hit and miss. The repairs are ongoing and leaders hope to have it fixed by Monday.