Wal-Mart Feud at Lake Jackson

If the Super Wal-Mart is approved it would build on a ravine many residents want to keep.

The Friends of Lake Jackson and many others say they have no intention of letting Wal-Mart expand the site.

Patsy Harrell has owned The Salty Dawg Pub and Restaurant for 17 years. The pub is located on Monroe Street, only miles away from where the Wal-Mart Corporation wants to build a new super store.

"They're going to have a pharmacy, a cleaners, a florist. So all these little businesses aren't going to loose focus."

On the front door of The Salty Dawg, Patsy has posted a petition to stop the super store from building on the Sam’s Club site.

"When you walk into a locally owned store, you see familiar faces. When you walk into a Wal-Mart, you just become another head in a shopping center."

Residents living near the Sam's Club say the area around the store is natural and untouched. Those residents want to keep that ravine intact, including Commissioner Dan Winchester.

"We all would work really hard with them to redevelop the existing site, but not go outside the existing footprint."

Other business owners around the Sam’s Club say Wal-Mart is the biggest corporation in the country, so they don't need another store.

Channel Six made attempts to speak with Wal-Mart and it's local representatives, but none of our phone calls were returned.

Commissioner Winchester says he will support a plan that will allow Wal-Mart to continue to use the Sam's site after the store moves to Apalachee Parkway, but will not support anything that expands into the ravine.