Tornado Anniversary

Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of a deadly tornado that ripped through a quiet South Georgia community killing four people and destroying more than 60 homes.

How are things one year later?

Most of the people who live on and around Goodson Road in Camilla say it's faith that has brought them through their experiences with these natural disasters that have hit not once, but twice in their area.

Runetta Hill's life changed forever. In less than five minutes a tornado that ripped through her neighborhood taking her family members' lives and almost everything she owned. Hill said, “we couldn't even find the foundation that my house was built upon."

Herman Thomas has rebuilt his upholstery shop since it was destroyed in last year's disaster. He says he knows he's more fortunate than many of his neighbors. But with help from their families, their churches, and each other the victims feel they have bounced back from the tragedy. They say, in such a situation, it's all you can do.