Shooting Victims Dies

The man's family desperately wants to know why he was shot and say they won't sleep easy until the gunman, or gunmen, are caught.

A sign saying "Tony we miss you" stands outside the home 32 year old Antonio Steele shared with his girlfriend, who will now never marry the love of her life.

"That person will be judged, those people will be judged, because they took a really good man from everybody. I loved him. He was my best friend."

A steady stream of friends and family stopped by to share hugs and memories on the day after Steele died from a gunshot wound to the neck.

Steele was the best man in Kenneth Jenkins wedding. "The preacher asked do anybody got any comments or whatever. I turned back and looked at him and said, 'Hey man, you got my back?' He said all the way to the door."

Steele was shot early Sunday morning near the corner of Okaloosa and Main Streets as he waited for his friends to come out of the nearby Top Flite Club.

Now police are chasing leads, including reports of two black men fleeing the scene in a white car.

"We have always realized his injuries were very serious and have worked it from the beginning just like we would a homicide. All of the resources we have at our disposal are going toward trying to solve this crime."

Jackie Rollins, who lives near where the shooting occurred, says, "I heard a shot and I thought, dog, I hope nobody got hurt."

This woman lives just a block from the scene of the crime. She admits it can be dangerous here after dark but says no one deserves to lose his life this way.

"I just feel so bad for his family and his friends and the people who loved him."

Funeral arrangements for Antonio Steele are still in the works.

Meanwhile Tallahassee police are waiting on ballistics tests to see if this shooting is linked to another one the very next day.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Tallahassee Police Department at 891-4200.