Finding the Perfect Fit

It's been a month since Leon County parents were given the choice of sending their kids to a school other than the one they were zoned for. More than 1,000 families accepted the invitation and are now learning if their wish was granted.

Leon County's Planning and Policy Department says this year more parents than ever before took advantage of selecting a school, and so far, so good.

Fifth grader Lanie O’Campo truly has something to sing about.

"We did apply for school choice, my daughter applied for her middle school years the IB program at Fairview and was accepted."

Fairview Middle School was one of the most popular picks along with Cobb Middle School. In fact, more than 100 hopeful applicants applied to Cobb.

Dr. Jim Croteau, Executive Director of Planning and Policy for Leon County Schools, says, "Cobb Middle School did a good job of advertising program and the partnership with Leon High School to get high school credit."

Here's how the rest break down. Hartsfield, Gilchrist and Sealy were the most popular elementary choices. For middle school, Cobb, Fairview and Raa were the favorites and at the high school level, Leon, Lincoln and Rickards ranked the highest.

Overall, more than 1,200 students took advantage of the School Choice Program, selecting schools based on personal preferences or sheer convenience.

Ashley says, “We looked for the best school for Lanie. We really did appreciate the fact we had the option to decide what middle school best met her needs."

The deadline for the School Choice Program was March 1 and parents are now being notified if their application was accepted.

The School Choice Program has ended, but people just moving to town and who are zoned for an over-capacity school may choose another school, and medical hardships are still considered.