Tax-Free Holiday

Despite lower than expected tax revenue this year, Georgia lawmakers have decided to keep the popular sales tax holiday in place again this summer. This is great news for retailers in border towns like Lake Park.

Retailers in Georgia's border communities are expecting to see a lot of green this summer as the popular sales tax holiday will come back in early August. Mixed in with back to school sales, the sales tax holiday not only appeals to Georgians, but to thousands of Floridians as well.

Ryan Warren of the Lake Park Chamber of Commerce says, "People who used to shop in Tallahassee all of a sudden when they see they can save that seven percent, it’s bringing them to Lake Park, and that's been a real benefit to local merchants. Not only does it benefit local retailers like the Lake Park Outlet, also the restaurants, the hotels. We have a great response of people staying overnight, people come from all over."

Store managers say the tax-free holiday may cost the state some revenue, but it really fills the stores with shoppers, and that is good for Georgia's economy.

Debora Nazworth, Manager of Polo Ralph Lauren Store, says, "I know last year we did a tax holiday in one group of days, but in years past we had one for Easter and back to school. I think that generated more revenue, but I'm just glad to have it back."

And thousands of shoppers from around our area can take advantage of the sales tax holiday from July 29 through August 1.

While Georgia has passed its sales tax holiday, Florida lawmakers are still trying to decide if the Sunshine State can afford to bring back its own sales tax holiday.