Habitat for Humanity

The Annual Habitat for Humanity spring break build has officially wrapped up in Valdosta, but the project will continue to change lives forever. Rather than spend spring break at the beach or partying at home with friends, more than 100 college students descended on Valdosta to volunteer, helping Habitat for Humanity build three new homes.

Larry Henderson, a Habitat Construction Superintendent said, "When you have 140 kids out here, we had them split into three different weeks, but we had 140 kids and its quiet busy keeping them busy, but we built three houses during that time."

This year's build was possible thanks to volunteers from Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. While those students have returned to their campuses, local students from around south Georgia continue on, putting the finishing touches on these homes.

George Metros, a freshman at Valdosta State University, said, "It just means we're committed to the community and want to help out, we want to help these people get a nice home to live in, try and help the best we can, we're not just worried about ourselves, and people want to give back, its cool to see."

Local students say volunteering to build a Habitat home is easier than they thought it would be, and they encourage more local college students to get involved.

Habitat volunteer and VSU junior, Danielle Smith, said, “You always need to come out and reach out to the community, and do more things and have fun with it, you don't want to dread a community service project."

Habitat leaders say they still need a few volunteers to help finish these homes, so the new owners can move around the middle of April.